The water is already above our heads, we just can’t see it yet.

“Sea level rise did not happen gradually at the end of the last ice age, but rather in fits and spurts with brief periods of stasis … Things could get bad here very fast.” Rebecca McCarthy spent a summer reporting on the slow decline of an east coast gambling mecca famous for it’s mob ties. It’s not if but when—it’s going under. It looks like Atlantic city is going to sleep with the fishes.

Rapid climate change is affecting the Swiss as well and sort of like Atlantic City, they’ve found a silver lining by cashing in. Cash for glaciers.


Prove You’re Not A Robot

It sounds like the makings of a spy thriller. Google invented a virtual machine which uses it’s own language, encrypts it not once but twice with a morphing encryption key that changes the language, in turn changing the key. Add complicated hashing sequences, browser fingerprints, recording and analysis of IP addresses, timezones, screen sizes and resolution, key presses, mouseclicks, and a dozen other things, and you’ll begin to have an idea what goes into that annoying thing you see on your screen every day. How complicated can one little checkbox be?

+ A woman goes to her bank for a mortgage but they don’t believe she is who she says she is–until she fills out a form in front of the manager to prove she’s not a robot.


You Write Like A Robot

For a while it seemed like reading and writing, ya know, the creative careers, were a last bastion of safety for people who didn’t want to be replaced by robots. Unfortunately it looks like they’ll be competent at those soon as well. I for one welcome our robot overlords (and authors).



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