Sorry We Couldn’t Deliver Your Package

Amazon decided to pull it’s planned HQ2 arrangement with New York City after facing some fierce resistance from lawmakers, unions, and everyday people who think a multibillion dollar subsidy for a tech goliath seems a bit unnecessary. Some people are calling it a remarkable win for the city’s progressives, specifically Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and it doesn’t look like the end but maybe only the beginning. There’s a new politics in town, and it’s shaking the establishment up in a big way.


The Little Rover That Could

Back when G.W. was President and movies still came from Blockbuster, NASA sent a small mission to Mars carrying an unmanned vehicle called the Opportunity Rover. It’s purpose was simple and finite: Explore the surface of the red planet. It was only expected to last for 90 days. This week it finally lost contact in a sandstorm after dutifully outliving it’s original mission statement by fourteen years. We salute you Mars Rover. You’re the most dependable, longest lasting truck on the planet.


Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Jamie Dimon spent a good part of 2017 and 2018 railing against cryptocurrency as a scam, a hoax, a vehicle for defrauding consumers, and a laughingstock destined for failure. That didn’t stop him from announcing yesterday that JP Morgan Chase will be the first major bank to launch their own cryptocurrency. If you can’t beat em’ join em’, right Jamie?