Tom Brady must have made a deal with the devil

Hilariously disgruntled football fan and comedian Ginger Billy predicted another win for the Patriot’s in a video that made the social media rounds last week and sure enough, remarkably, bafflingly, 42 year old Tom Brady led his team to yet another Superbowl victory on Sunday. It’s getting downright embarassing to be a New England fan these days. Even with stiff competition, the championship victories just keep on coming. The beleaguered southerner made a pretty good point—how is it even possible that a middlingly athletic 4th round draft pick backup QB has won nearly 50% of the Superbowls over the last decade plus? I’m in my thirties and my knees almost gave out on the way to the microwave for the cheese dip—and that guy is still out there getting tackled by jacked up 250 pound linebackers?


This just in: You don’t need to make any money to be a business mogul

It seems fittingly emblamatic of the times that Snap (SNAP) 8.42 [+19.60%] bounced nearly twenty percent in after hours trading yesterday after recording Q4 revenues of 389.8 million dollars, up over 35% YoY. Emblematic yes, and a real head-scratcher: Snap posted a loss of 191.7 million dollars this year. That’s right, the multibillion dollar social media juggernaut has yet to record a single profitable quarter. Ever. What does it say about the state of the Wall Street + tech landscape that profitability is no longer a requirement for success in business? I’m pretty good at spending way more money than I make too… Does this mean that my ship is about to come in?