Feb 15

Life Before Google

Life Before Google Believe it or not there was a time when people used an atlas to find their cousin’s wedding in Illinois, and if they wanted to look for a hot dog in Chicago, they used a phone book—or Altavista. Does anyone else remember loading that search engine through Netscape on their IBM tower over the dial up modem they convinced dad to get “for school”? Just me? Ah... Read The Rest

Feb 15

Atlantic City Goes Under

The water is already above our heads, we just can’t see it yet. “Sea level rise did not happen gradually at the end of the last ice age, but rather in fits and spurts with brief periods of stasis … Things could get bad here very fast.” Rebecca McCarthy spent a summer reporting on the slow decline of an east coast gambling mecca famous for it’s mob ties. It’s not... Read The Rest

Feb 14

The Tech World Does An About Face

Amazon decided to pull it’s planned HQ2 arrangement with New York City after facing some fierce resistance from lawmakers, unions, and everyday people who think a multibillion dollar subsidy for a tech goliath seems a bit unnecessary. Some people are calling it a remarkable win for the city’s progressives, specifically Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and it doesn’t look like the end..... Read The Rest

Feb 6

Tom Brady, Evan Spiegel, And A Good Bet

Hilariously disgruntled football fan and comedian Ginger Billy predicted another win for the Patriot’s in a video that made the social media rounds last week and sure enough, remarkably, bafflingly, 42 year old Tom Brady led his team to yet another Superbowl victory on Sunday. It’s getting downright embarassing to be a New England fan these days. Even with stiff..... Read The Rest